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Secrets collide when two men, burdened by their dark pasts, discover the existence of a hidden criminal underworld operating within the sinister realms of the dark web.


In the shadowy realm of the Swiss cyber web, Filippo Marchetti, a skilled spy embedding micro-cameras in Airbnbs for the nefarious "Organization," stumbles upon Edward Sarino's captive love interest, Emily Suardi. Trapped in a dangerous dance, Filippo's attempt to free Emily leads to a tragic accident, binding the two men together in an unintended alliance. Little do they know, Victoria, Edward's enigmatic sister, orchestrates the treacherous depths of the dark web, where their fates are sealed. As the web tightens around them, their shared secret threatens the highest echelons of power—they are the children of the President. With time running out, loyalties crumble, and a perilous struggle for survival unfolds, revealing the chilling truth hidden within this cybernetic underworld.


Episode 1 - Airbnb Secrets

Edward, a skilled hacker, receives a mission from Naomie Dekota, as more and more cases of hidden cameras in Switzerland are emerging and posing a threat to the Airbnb platform.


Episode 2 - Wanted

While Filippo continues to work for Victoria, he becomes increasingly fascinated by the mystery surrounding Emily, the missing girl. He believes that Edward holds the key to Emily's presumed death.


Episode 3 - I'm watching you

The situation escalates when Filippo is forced to commit a murder to protect himself. Meanwhile, Enzo, who is still on the run, is captured by the organization.


Episode 4 - Everyone is Mad

Edward receives a visit from an old acquaintance. The woman advocates for a healthier approach in love and emphasizes the importance of space and freedom to let love grow mutually.


Episode 5 - Mirror of the Soul

Victoria receives alarming news from her butler. The system has been hacked. Additionally, Enzo has been captured by the organization, and there has been no contact from Aldo or Filippo.


Episode 6 - The Hidden Underworld

Edward manages to trace back the microchips of the cameras, leading him to the streaming connection and the location of the main server in the heart of the Swiss Alps. He plans to disable the system.


Episode 7 - Turn The Page

Edward is on his way to the basement, unaware of what awaits him there. The atmosphere is tense and chaotic, and in a moment of confusion, Filippo knocks Edward down with a shovel.


Episode 8 - A Good Place

Edward and Filippo hastily leave the city, looking for a suitable place to dispose of the bodies they have with them. However, suddenly a police blockade appears in front of them.


Episode 9 - Farewell

While Edward and Filippo are digging graves, the tension in the forest grows. Edward becomes increasingly paranoid and senses that someone is watching them. Suddenly, a dark figure appears behind them.

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